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Response from Charlene DeHaven, Clinical Director of IS Clinical

Question 1: Does your company have a dedicated quality department? If so, how can the consumer access this?

Our in-house laboratory does the quality testing. This data is not available to the consumer.

Question 2: What testing methodology do you use for your raw materials?

Mass spectroscopy.

Question 3: Do you do skip lot testing? Or do you test every batch for quality and contaminants?

It is not necessary to test the end product batches for contaminants since the raw materials are provided with a certificate of analysis from mass spectroscopy.

Question 4: What is your rejection rate on raw materials?

The rejection rate on raw materials is almost zero since there is mass spectroscopic verification. Occasionally, we will change a supplier because we have been concerned about their sustainability record or the consistency of their raw materials has become more variable than we would like.

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