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Omnilux Men
Omnilux Men
Omnilux Men
Omnilux Men
Omnilux Men
Omnilux Men

Omnilux Men

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Omnilux Men is an at-home flexible, portable, non-invasive light therapy mask specifically engineered for men. It is the first and only light emitting diode (LED) device calibrated with the deepest penetrating wavelength of near-infrared light (1072nm) to meet men's unique skin needs. Men have 25% thicker skin (on average) than women. Omnilux Men addresses this fact and also targets fine lines, uneven skin tone, "tired" appearing skin, dark circles, eye bags, and razor burn. 

Omnilux men uses three separate wavelengths of light (Red 633 nm, near-infrared 830nm, and near-infrared 1072nm) to work on a cellular level to stimulate collagen and elicit a strong anti-inflammatory response, providing anti-aging results with no pain or downtime. It can be used as a stand-alone skin rejuvenation treatment or to boost the results of other skin procedures including BroadBand Light, microdermabrasion, microneedling, peels, lasers, and injectables. 

Please note: optional silicone eye rings for eye protection are now available as a separate product for purchase. For additional information, please see FAQ below.


How does Omnilux Men Work?   

Omnilux men uses 132 LEDs for skin photorejuvenation. The wavelengths include:

  • Red (633nm): Reduces inflammation and boosts blood oxygen levels in the skin to improve redness, pigmentation, and overall skin tone.
  • Near-infrared (830nm): Targets fibroblast cells to induce the production of new collagen and elastin for a firmer and more youthful-looking complexion.
  • Near-infrared (1072nm): Provides the deepest penetration into men’s thicker skin to stimulate the pathways that support the body’s own natural defense and repair mechanisms. Smooths overall texture and tone, and reduces wrinkles, under-eye bags and dark circles

Is the Omnilux Men safe for eyes? Is there additional protection available for those who are light sensitive?

Omnilux feels the Omnilux Men device is very safe for the eyes and does not require any eye protection. The devices have been tested and conform to medical device standards, including IEC/EN 62471 Photobiological Eye Safety Standard. However, some people may be more sensitive than others to light therapy. Omnilux has developed optional eyewear made specifically for our Contour Face and Men devices for those who prefer it. The eye shields are like silicone rings that pop into the eye holes individually, you can see out of them, but they block all peripheral light coming from the mask. These rings are available as an additional purchase in our Omnilux category. 

Is the Omnilux Men better than the Contour Face mask? Can women use Omnilux Men?

Omnilux Men does not increase or speed up the production of collagen more than the Contour mask. The longer wavelength of 1072nm is able to dive deeply into men's thicker skin, not to better induce the production of more collagen, but to provide a better anti-inflammatory response that aids in reducing puffiness, under-eye bags, and smoothing texture and tone.
While there is no harm in women using the Men's mask, please note that most women will receive the full benefits of LED with the Contour mask. The Men’s device was engineered with a deeper penetrating wavelength of near-infrared light so that men can also get the maximum benefits of LED treatment, as the 633nm and 830nm wavelengths alone may not give them as robust of a cellular response due to their thicker skin type.

How often should the Omnilux Men be used? And how soon should results be seen?

The Omnilux Men should be used for 10 minutes per treatment, 3-5 times a week for four to six weeks, followed by 1-2 times a week for maintenance. The effects of LED light on your skin are cumulative and the benefits should be seen after four weeks of regular use.

Who should NOT use Omnilux Men?

For a complete list of contraindications, please see the "recommended for" tab.

Is it okay to use Omnilux Men if I have a beard?

Omnilux Men can safely be used if you have a beard. However, you will get the best results if your beard is short and the light has more of an opportunity to interact with your skin directly.

Is there any down-time or precautions to take following a treatment with the Omnilux Men?
No, LED works beneath the surface of the skin and should not cause sensitivity.

Can Omnilux Men be used with my skincare routine?
We recommend using medical grade skin care after the treatment, as absorption will still be good because of the increased blood flow and oxygenation. You can apply your skin care products immediately after a treatment.

How often does Omnilux Men need to be charged?
One charge lasts approximately 140 minutes, or 14 ten-minute sessions.

Do you need eye protection?
No, the mask has been tested and conforms to medical device standards including IEC/EN 62471 Photobiological eye safety standard. However, if you are concerned about ocular sensitivity, you can purchase some light blocking goggles and use them during your treatment.

How long is the warranty on the Omnilux Men?
2 years for the mask, 1 year for the battery.

How do you clean the Omnilux Men?
With a water-based wipe or a damp clean cloth. For stubborn stains a 70% alcohol solution may be used. Allow to air dry.


Why We Love It

This is first and only LED mask specifically for men designed by the most tested and trusted brand in the world.


Use 3-5 times per week for 4-6 weeks for optimal results, followed by maintenance treatments 1-2 times a week. Each treatment will last 10 minutes - there is an automatic timer that shuts the mask off after the allotted time.

Recommended For

The Omnilux Men is recommended for the following skin concerns: razor burn, dryness, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dark circles and under-eye bags. It is indicated for most skin types, with the following exceptions: 

  • DO NOT use Omnilux Men to treat any other conditions apart from those listed in the indications for use. Omnilux Men has not been tested for any other conditions than those listed and the risk is unknown.
  • DO NOT use Omnilux Men if you suffer from lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema or albinism. If you use Omnilux Men to treat lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema or albinism you may cause a severe skin reaction.
  • DO NOT use Omnilux Men if you suffer from any photosensitive disorder (sensitization to light). If you use the Omnilux Men and you suffer from a photosensitive disorder you may cause a severe skin reaction.
  • DO NOT use Omnilux Men if you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity. If you use Omnilux men and you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity you may cause a severe skin reaction.
  • DO NOT use Omnilux Men if you suffer from light induced headaches.
  • DO NOT use Omnilux Men if you suffer from any genetic conditions of the eye.
  • DO NOT use Omnilux Men while on medications that cause photosensitivity. Photosensitivity is a common side effect of various medications. These can include certain antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and diuretics. If you are unsure about any medication you may be taking consult your healthcare provider.
  • Other substances not listed above can also cause photosensitivity. Common examples of these substances are: St John's wort, coal tar, deodorants, antibacterial soaps, artificial sweeteners, naphthalene (mothballs), petroleum products.

We have found that our customers love the Omnilux devices. However, there are times when the device malfunctions and is eligible for replacement. If you are experiencing any issues with your device, please contact Omnilux directly with your original proof of purchase and device serial number at or at one of the numbers below:

US/Canada: +1 707.309.7024
International Toll-Free: +1 866.306.2022

Please note this only applies to warranty replacements and exchanges.

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